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Note - this page cover older version of pse / pySimEd. For latest version, download, updates, demos and articles please visit or follow project page on Researchgate

pse (python & simulator & editor) is graphic editor and simulator developed in pure Python 3.x, pyQt5.3, Scipy and Matplotlib. Enables the creation of diagrams using components and links between them, running the simulation and display the results.


  • open-source project released under the GNU-GPL
  • exclusive use of a homogeneous multi-platform infrastructure of Python programming language, it is simple and widely accepted by technical and scientific community, cross-platform, open source with plenty of libraries in the field of natural and technical sciences, with a broad community support and with available literature
  • simple and intuitive internal structure of the editor allowing its easy extension and modification. Output structures of the editor should easily allow building simulation tools and specialized generators for specific simulators (eg. SPICE, Modelica)
  • single bond to the host operating system through standard Python library system allowing the diagrams to interact with its environment (eg. integration of measuring and laboratory equipment) and communication via the Internet
  • the possibility of using scripts in the actual diagrams, creating dynamic models and the dynamic changes in the parameters of components using the adaptive simulation tools.


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